Thursday, January 14, 2010

Results for Baby & Nature Sugarissa Contest!

Hi all,
Would like to inform that the closing of this CONTEST is at 12 midnight tonight
(15th January 2010)!

No late submission will be attended..
You may view all the contestent HERE!

Please check for your entry as well if it is listed..
Leave a comment if it is not..

I will announce the top 15 on Monday (18th January 2010)
& all winners on Wednesday (20th January 2010)

~~Good luck everyone~~
Kak Long


  1. salam kak long....thank you for terjah my alamat email saya:

    Puteri 1:

    Puteri ke 2:

  2. salam, last minute participation nih...

  3. saya join last minit :)

  4. salam kak long farah...
    sori lala lupe nk kasi emel...
    ni emelnye :

  5. Salam Kak,

    dah submit tp lum masuk dlm list.. so re-submit again.