Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kitty Pink

Adorable Kitty Pink is here..
The ingredients:
5 Huggies ''s" size diapers
Lovely Lace Stuffed Cat
4 Ounce Baby Disney Bottle
Flower Romper
Memory Lane Baby Frame with Little blocks and Little train
Lovely Lace Box
RM95.90 (excluding postage)
Normal postage RM15 (including card)
Organza and ribbons

Flower Romper

Come with box & picture frame

This will make any mommy day!!

Browny Huggable

This is a 1 tier cake, Browny Huggable.
Price given is including this Lovely Lace box.

The ingredients:
6 Huggies ''s" size diapers
2 Ounce Baby Disney Bottle
Small Baby Towel Wipe
Baby Bear
A pair of Bumble Bee socks (blue)
Lovely Lace Box
RM 69.90 excluding postage
Normal postage: RM 15.00 (will include card)

with box

Bumblebee socks

Take me home..

Saturday, December 19, 2009


For now.. this is the list of the friends that have been contesting.. I will update the list time by time.. So, stay tune ya!!

1. "I am the flag pole boy"
3. "Believing in you"
4. "I am the Squirrel Hunter"
5. "tak takut pon...."
6. "got ice cream...?"
7. "I am carefree with nature!"
8. "I'm mommy's little monster"
9. "God greatest creation, a beautiful rainbow in a desertDo you see any pots of gold???"
10. "Rania merentas Laut Merah!."
11. "Eager Gazers Over Water"
13. "Iman yang sempoiiiii.."
14. "Beramah Mesra Dengan Anak Singa :)"
15. "Berbogel Lebih Baik"
16. "The most lovely sunset with my huggable abah"
17. "waiting for sunrise"
18. "Tak Takut Pun ..."
19. "Hello Mr Pony"
21. "It's a bear bigger than me but i love it!!"
22. "My Two Lil Heroes posing sakan kat taman ..gaya ala2 model kecik"
23. "Hey friends! Let's nature with me!"
24. "AZEEM N ABAH (nyanyi mcm lagu Afi dan Abah)"
25. "alamak benda ni, nak wat mcmne mama?..."
26. "Less-Penghayatan"
27. "Beautiful Autumn And Happiness.."
28. "A Hot Pose Under The Sun!"
29. "Setia menanti Puteri Santubung"
30. "Ibu, ni burung apa?"
31. "Mia si cilik pencinta haiwan"
32. "Opsss.. Too High 4 Me!"
33. "Counting my bunnies"
34. "Mommy!! here My Little Rabbit Friends"
36. "Jom BEK repair basikal..."
37. "DON'T SHOOT!!! i surrender!!!"
38. "Tortoise Riding, anyone??"
39. "I love u papa..... I feel freedom in nature world"
40. "Bila Kakimu Menyentuh Bumi"
41. "When the Beach only have me"
42. "ikatan kekeluargaan ibarat pepohon yang tegak berdiri walaupun ditiup angin"
43. ""
44. "Nuha berleher jinjang"
45. "Khusyuknya Hadif Bersama Pasirnya"
46. "Lush Green Nature"
47. "Fooled by Nature"
48. "Sappy, GO!"
49. "A Lil' Bee in the Park"
50. "Tiru Macam Saya - Macamana Flamingo Sembunyikan Lehernya????!!!"
51. "aksi budak yang fes time jumpe tempat pemainan kt RNR..."
52. "Roses make me think of you!!"
53. "Saya tanpa papa disisi"
54. "sepetang bersama papa ...ditiup angin sepoi2 bahasa... wah, nyamannya kurasa..."
55. "Syeefa's first moment at the most beautiful beach :)"
56. "insyirah dan rumput"
57. "Syyyiiiookkknyyyaa...... Jom kita lompatt!!!!!! "

Ok.. itu sahaja.. :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby & Nature Sugarissa Contest

Salam and welcome to Sugarissa!
Come and view other contester here!
Upon the launching of this new Online Store I would like held a fun contest to all mummies / daddies / uncles / aunties out there to join and get to know about Sugarissa at the same time!

CLOSING: 15th January 2010

To take part you will need to:
1. Be a Sugarissa Follower! You will automatically become a Sugarissa member if you are a follower.
2. Upload a picture of your little one (aged 0-6 years old at the time) outdoors with animals/trees/seaside (you got the idea). It can be a picture of a child, with mummy/daddy or with the whole family. No edited version.
3. Give a creative title to the photo and write down your child name. One entry per person.
4. In your entry, please include a link back to this giveaway entry. Invite Everyone to join!
5. Please insert the contest logo at your sidebar with a link back to this entry as well.
6. Once everything done, leave your comment here with a link back to your entry and include your email. Done!!

I will accept any version of the entry, wether it is in Bahasa Malaysia or English.
Keputusan pengadil adalah muktamad. :p
Here are the prizes!!

1 x a beautiful rose scented candle from Memory Lane

2 x Little Tikes Cute Characters

Little Tikes Logo

Box Racer

Sun and sea
3rd Prize

3 x Travel Activity Pack
Coloring book + crayon.. really great if u bring ur kids in restaurant~~
Occupy themselves..

6 great prizes to win!!
Don't wait..
Jgn Tunggu lagi!! :)
The more the merrier!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lovable Penguin

Lovable Penguin
8 Huggies ''s" size diapers
1 cute animals romper by Adams Baby
1 Baby Phat romper
A pair of Bumble Bee socks (dark blue)
Toddler training cup by Ikea

RM75.90 (SOLD)

Vanity Pink

Vanity Pink
11 Huggies ''s" size diapers
Lovely Lace Jewel Display for mummy
Flower Romper
Pink whale Carter's baby bip
A pair of Growin' Up socks

RM 109.90

Kitty Blue

Kitty Blue (for Baby Janji Faisal)
11 Huggies ''s" size diapers
1 Sleeveless Animal Romper
Mothercare Baby bottle
Blue and green aligator Carters baby bip
A pair of Bumble Bee socks (green)
Lovely Lace Stuffed Cat

RM89.90 (SOLD)